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Current Openings

Develop clean code in a complex, performance sensitive business domain. Be part of a highly productive, quality oriented, modern, continuously integrating agile product development squad. Responsibilities
  • Low level OO designing
  • Development of features
  • Develop automatic, continuously integrated tests
  • Be a great reviewer of other team members code
  • Ensure progress is accurately reflected in team board/stand-ups and other Scrum ceremonies
  • 5- 8 years of relevant experience in software development
  • Ability to write clean, loosely coupled code with tests
  • Excellent command of Java, Spring Boot, ORM, Relational Data modelling, Maven/Gradle
  • Java: Java 8+, concurrency, performance profiling and analysis
  • Relational Modelling: Postgresql 11+, analysing and optimizing query execution plan
  • Middleware: Spring Boot, Spring Transactions, Hibernate/JPA
  • Ability to code with performance in mind verifiable through micro-benchmarks
  • Excellent OO Design faculty and ability to see patterns clearly and consistently
  • [Nice to have]: Familiarity with AWS services (lambda, batch, RDS etc.)
  • [Nice to have]: Experience in modularizing complex domain
  • [Nice to have]: Non-relational (or NOSQL) database technologies key/value graph
Expected characteristics
  • Focused on improving codebase and experienced in refactoring large code base
  • Focused on adopting best practices in development
  • Prefers writing provable code
  • Ownership of stories/ tasks
  • Keen interest in understanding complex domain and apply domain driven development principles
  • Cherishes being part of self-driven, self-improving development team
  • Bias towards action
  • LOCATION: Chennai


Cheerful Environment
The air around the company can be less tense and enthusiastic, and we like to keep it that way.

Exponential Growth
No matter how much you know, there are lots and lots to learn in Annaji Infotech every day for we are an ever upgrading community.

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Annaji Infotech is a confluence passionate techies who fuel creativity and innovation. If you are passionate and are looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent, you have wandered to the right place.

We are a fine concoction of mission-driven techies and digital experts who are set on transforming ideas into experiences. We believe innovation and teamwork to be the keys that kindle the growth and inspire the oneness in the company. And of course, we stuck to the light-hearted atmosphere ever since the establishment of the company. Annaji Infotech is the ideal place for you to kick-start your career if you are a good team player and are passionate about your craft.

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